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Podcasts are like pizza... everyone has their favorites... some are pretty basic but provide precisely the taste you're looking for... some have really unique ingredients that appeal to a select few... but at the end of the day, you may wonder just what it is that makes a great pizza... but doggone it, you know what you like. We talk with some of your favorite podcasters to find out what it is that they looked for to provide just the ingredients to get their podcast flavor, how they made it and what advice they have for others looking to find their own special sauce.

Join Jeff, aka groundedGeek, host of the pop culture podcast "The Podcast is Real" as he talks to other podcasts from a variety of genres and backgrounds to discuss why they got into podcasting, how they got started, how they overcame obstacles and found their niche in the podcasting world. And since our guests come from around the world, of course we have to find out what they like on actual pizza where they hail from.

Podcasts and pizza, my two favorite P words... let's grab a slice!

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The Podcast Pizza
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